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Overseas buyers are welcome to search for any verified Japanese company free of charge. Registration is not required to search for verified Japanese companies. Feel free to seach any verified Japanese company.

Whilst the vast majority of websites in Japan are of genuine business companies, it is a sad fact that online scams and fraud are alive in Japan, and rest of the world. It is very important to be smart and stay safe by exercising all due precaution and do not become a fraud victim. If you notice any website which you feel is fictitious or suspicious, please contact this organization with details. In order to keep online shopping clean and safe, your cooperation is highly appreciated.

If you are victim of online fraud in Japan, please inform your case. This Organization can introduce English speaking lawyer for the recovery of money. All fraud-attempts are immediately reported to Japanese Police Department.

If your searching company is not found in our database record, send inquiry by filling "inquiry form".

For accurate result, please send "as maximum as possible" detail of the Japanese company you are inquiring for.

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Japan Company Trust Orgnazation

Japan Company Trust Orgnazation